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How to make your own homemade bottle cutter

May 7th, 2010 · 10 Comments

Parts list:

  • glass cutter (buy from AMAZON)
  • 3 bearings
  • 3 bolts + 3 nuts to hold the bearing
  • 3 washers that will only apply pressure on the inner part of the bearing
  • an extra 1 bolt and 1 nut if you intend to hold the glass cutter to the corner with a bolt
  • piece of plywood
  • a small 90° shelf  holder as the stopper and a wood screw
  • 4 metal brackets (those 90° metal corners) with holes, preferably the same diameter as the bolts or smaller (and use a drill to widen them exactly as the bolts diameter)

Option 2: Instead of using the metal bracket, bolt and bearing you can just use a simple plastic/metal wheel like this, it’s up to you. That can work as well:

You can use 3 of these wheels instead of the more complicated bracket+bearing. Click the picture to BUY it from AMAZON.


  • drill/screwdriver (buy)
  • Drill Bits – if you need to widen holes for the bolts to go through
  • Drill Bit for the stopper screw (see in video)
  • welder if you plan to weld the glass cutter on to the metal corner

About the glass cutting: some mistakenly think that a glass cutter should really cut the glass all the way through, well that’s not what it does. A glass cutter is supposed to leave a tiny and gentle score on the glass, so any pressure applied on the glass after wards, will result in the glass cracking and separating exactly at that weak spot. In the video I make it too deep I think, it is better to make the cut a gentle as you can. There is also an oil you can use to make the cut cleaner. The cleaner and straighter the cut is, the better looking and less sharp, the two bottle piece will be.


Example 1 - put the neck in the body and you got a Vase!

Example 2 - get smart and put something in the bottle: a miniature boat, golf balls, small change that's bigger than the neck hole, or just about anything that will look cool. You can then glue the two bottle pieces with 3 second glue to close it permanently. If you make the score right where the label usually goes, and put your own label, you won't be able to see the cut at all 🙂


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  • Heather

    By sanding it down enough, would I be able to make tumblers out of these?

  • Ilan (admin)


    yes, but you’ll need to start with a much course waterproof sandpaper if you want a round edges, and then when you have a round edges, just use a finer sanding paper to finish it off.

    For the start, use a number 100 paper, and for a finer finish use a 500 or higher. And keep the paper wet.


  • Barry Moffatt

    I was looking for plans to build my own bottle cuter and after going through so many I found yours was the one to use, you did a good job showing me what I need and how to do it.
    Thanks loads,

  • dave

    you’ve made my wife a happy woman..and me a man with another project i have to do for her …she was looking for something on how to cut bottles as she’s wanting to make some lights from them now she knows how to..

  • Marianna

    This is fantastic. I’ve been searching everywhere for a bottle cutter in stores because I am much too impatient to wait for one to come in the mail. I have been scoring my bottles by putting a glass cutter in a vice and turning the bottle, but it’s terribly difficult to get the score mark to line up correctly.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Cibresp

    Hello, It was really nice to find your project. I have a set of wheels from a computer desk and a glass cutter, but I was wandering how to add an extender-stopper, now that I saw your job I’m on my way to build it.


  • maya naria

    Wow !!! I can spend my free time in making flowerstands and gift to the friends now. good going ! Thanks.

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  • NicoMagno

    Very good, thank you for your clear explaination, #1!

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