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Windows 7 wakes from hibernation on itself (Or how to disable wake timers)

January 21st, 2011 · 2 Comments

As soon as I got my new Dell laptop, I set it up to my likings. One of the things I did, is setting what closing the lid does. In my case, I’ve set it up to hibernate. But strange as it is, I saw that when I get back at morning or after a few hours, the laptop fan is working fast, and the laptop seems to be awaken.

I started investigating more. I suspected that it’s likely a power setting rather than a failure or a bug. I was right. In windows 7, there’s a feature called wake timers which are enabled by default. Even if you put the computer to sleep or hibernation, it will wake up by timed events such as  Windows updates, etc. So, disabling this feature is recommended. You don’t need your laptop to wake up and work for 2 weeks with lid closed while you’re on vacation in Hawaii.

To disable wake timers go to Control panel > Power options > Change plan settings (on the right next to the checked plan) > Change advanced power settings


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  • Quentin

    Thanks man, have been looking for this solution for a while and finally found it thanks to you.

  • James

    This is a great solution. Thanks. It still leaves the question, what timer is triggered that causes the machine to come out of hibernation? Also, why does a “sleep timer” have anything to do with hibernation? I thought hibernation meant that the machine was OFF. I guess not. By the way, Dell Pro Support could not come up with any solution–but they have now been given a link to this issue here.

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