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“Advanced System Care” PC optimizer (freeware) review

October 25th, 2009 · No Comments

“Advanced System Care” is a one-click freeware tool to help protect, repair, clean, maintain and optimize your PC.

It has some nice features like internet connection optimizer, ram (memory) optimizer and more. I think my system worked faster afterward, or it’s just psychological. Bottom end, this single tool does the job of several ones. Here are the few things worth mentioning:

  • cloned files finder – this is a very nice feature that lets you scan your system for duplicate files (that just take a lot of hard disk space). Example – you downloaded the same photo from your camera, into different folders, this tool will help you track down the duplicate and give you the option to delete it.
  • Spyware/malware removal
  • cleans your PC from:  junk files, temp files, deleted items in the recycle bin (items in your recycle bin take space, unless you chose the option to delete permanently > under recycle bin properties)
  • creates Windows restore point and backup
  • software uninstaller
  • start up manager
  • windows manager
  • system information
  • game booster
  • smart defragment

and more, all in one click.

A partial view of the "Admin Tools" section

A partial view of the "Admin Tools" section

You can download Advanced System Care from (trusted site):



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