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Abus Granit Detecto XPlus 8077 alarm disk lock, not locking. Suggested fix.

August 20th, 2020 · No Comments

This post is for anyone who has an Abus disk lock 8077 which has come apart, and does not lock again.

This lock has a spring (on the locking arm see diagram) that acts as: 1) it pushes outwards the locking arm when you open the lock with your key and 2) hold two steel balls that are an essential part of the locking mechanism.

The Abus lock has two dowel pins (see diagram) that hold the locking arm and prevent it from falling out. Over time, these pins come out a bit, allowing the locking arm to come out and become separate from the lock body. When this happens, chances are that the two steel balls (That are being held with a spring) fall out without you noticing it. When you try to put the arm back in, the key won’t lock.

So, the fix is to either try to locate spare parts from abus or find a big bearing, disassemble it and take two steel balls out. These balls should be inserted asside the spring, one on each side. Balls must be larger than the hole in the locking arm, otherwise the ball will fall out each time you open the lock.

This is a ball I took out from a ball bearing. Where do you get that? If you don’t have one, try asking your mechanic, he probably has lots of used ones laying around


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