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KitchenAid “Ultra Power” 300W mixer review

February 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment

I love making pizza and bake in general. You can make doughs by hand, its not really that complicated, although with a mixer it’s much easy, and you can use the mixer for other stuff as well, for ex.: grinding vegetables or making minced meat.

The KitchenAid gets a lot of good reviews by people, but is it the perfect mixer?

I’ve tested it and it is a nice mixer but not perfect. First of all it lacks power. Maybe the 300W motor would be just fine with a lower gear ratio, but as it’s now, it’s too weak for tough jobs, mixing or grinding. It does the jobs, but you can hear the motor stress and slowing down.

The Mixer looks nice although a bit old fashioned, the bowl it comes with is big enough for most jobs. The kneading part is ok and can reach almost any part of the bowl. Before working you have to remember to lock the mixer or it can jump up when you start it.

The speed knob gives you 6 choices of speeds unless you get wise and put the knob in between clicks… but I’m sure it wasn’t meant for that. I would prefer more choice or a click less knob for whatever speed I want and not be limited to 6 predefined positions, which are too big increase in speed between each one.

When kneading dough the mixer will not have enough power to be able to reach full speed, so 5th and 6th speeds are practically the same.

As you mix a dough it is obvious to hear that the motor is working. This manifests as movement of the upper mixer from side to side, accompanied by some clicking noises and electric squeak from the motor. Maybe that’s how it supposed to be but I’m mentioning it.

The kitchenAid has the ability to attach several attachment tools to it’s front, like grinder and etc. I have bought the grinder (about 50$) and tested it. It is made of plastic body with metal and metal-plastic inner parts. The attachments do not self lock, but you have to open the locking bolt, insert the attachment, and close the bolt to secure it.

How the grinder works? Well, it will do the job for small vegetables jobs but it has two problems for big  jobs:

  1. the motor can’t easily handle hard foods like meat, bread and in general just about anything which is not cut into small pieces.
  2. The top area of the grinder is relatively small, so you have to work in small amounts no matter what you’re grinding.

Bottom line, this model of the KitchenAid is a relatively low priced mixer compared to some competition, and can be enough for everything just as long as you do not stress it.

But if you are passionate about preparing food yourself and you want a strong machine for mainly kneading and grinding, you might as well look for a stronger mixer. I found that the KitchenAid is built with quality and quality materials. I liked the attaching parts which are easy to clean and attach. The bowl is made from one part and with no holes.  so again, very easy to clean. As for the motor, I would prefer a stronger one so I think that the other models would be a better choice.

Stronger motor KitchenAid models :

This KitchenAid on AMAZON.COM

You can see a comparison chart of the various and most popular stand mixers here:


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