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Mixer Wiring Diagram – From the instruments-to the mixer-to the computer sound card

June 17th, 2008 · 4 Comments

This is the alternate way to connect your mixer to a computer’s sound card. When I bought my mixer, I followed the manual, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results- too many wires, too many loops, not enough preamp that seems to get lost somewhere in between.
So, what I did, is keep things simple with minimum wires. I Connect whatever musical instruments I want to record or play, to the mixer ,and from the mixer’s “MIX OUT”, strait to the computer Sound card inputs .

What about vocals? To record vocals you need absolute silence (as possible), but still, you need to hear yourself and the music you’re singing with. So, in this case what you do is simple:

  1. mute the amplifier monitors/speakers. I’m talking about the button on your amplifier that mutes/disconnects the speakers
  2. connect *good quality headphones to the amplifier PL input – Now you can hear yourself on the microphone, and the music you’re singing along.

    * Good quality headphones are the closed ones. Cheap headphones are not sealed, so a good microphone will likely record the music it picks up “spilling out” of the headphones. The result is a dirty vocal track that contains music too. You don’t want that!



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