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Motion Detect Car Dash Video Camera Recorder DVR

September 20th, 2011 · No Comments

My brother sent me this camera after I showed him a Youtube video some driver have posted. In this video, you can see the car coming to a full stop at an intersection. None the less, it was stopped by a policeman who gave the driver a ticket for not stopping. The policeman ignored the driver’s remarks that this is video taped on camera. It was then all over the news and I guess the ticket was cancelled and the policeman had to give some answers to his superiors.

So, dash cam is an excellent way to record the last thing that happened on the road. The difference between this camera and other cameras is that with this one you don’t need to be worried about the space remaining on the memory card. When the space runs out, the camera records over the old files, so you always have the last of your drive recorded.

The camera starts automatically when engine is turned on, but does shot off immediately when the engine is shot off. This is good in any case of an accident. It will continue to record until internal battery drains and then it will shut off by itself, but then, the date will reset too. If you don’t want this , close it whenever you are done driving.

Image quality is good but not excellent like you would get in a VADO for ex or a dedicated video camera or other dash cameras like this DOD camera. Max res size is 640 which is the minimum, but then quite enough to capture what you need. Sun flaring is minor. Quality is okay at night with street lights and head lights.

You can set the camera to record 5, 10 or 15 minutes of file chunks. There’s a few seconds of off time (record is going off) between each chunk. When the card is full, the camera gives a notice that “card is full” – in that case you need to restart camera and it will start recording again, deleting the oldest file first.

To sum it up, at this price, this camera gives a LOT for the BUCK. It does what it needs to do in a good way. Comes with a suction

Other cameras , are all much expensive, but do give a lot more features and better quality video and sound (full HD) like this DOD cam some even include GPS tracking , but they all cost a lot more, so do your math.


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