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Motorola T305 Bluetooth Hands Free Speaker review

July 31st, 2009 · 3 Comments

I bought the Motorola T305 speaker as present for my father along with a Nokia 6267 phone. Chose it cause it’s small, wireless (besides when charging it of course) and cheap.

The T305 is a bluetooth speaker, so it will work only with cell phones that have bluetooth (most cell phones have it) . It has a clip to put it on the sun visor, and it needs to be turned on manually before each drive. The T305 will remain ON as long as your cell phone is near. Once you get out of the car for more than 30 minutes, the T305 will auto shut down.

To connect to the T305 to your phone is pretty easy, but you will need to pair them once. After that they will communicate automatically. Her’s how to do it:

  • Turn on the T305
  • Turn on bluetooth option in your cell phone. Under the bluetooth menu go to “My devices” and make a search or manual “Add device”
  • The cell phone wil find the T305 speaker and will request a passkey
  • the default passkey is 0000 (zero)
  • pairing is complete

To phone someone you just dial as usual from your cell and the T305  speaker picks it up from that point.

To receive a call, you just push the flashing blue button on the speaker. To hang up, you push it once more. To redial the last number, you push this button as well.

Battery life is pretty long, up to 1 hours of talk, and can stand by for more than a week. Charging is pretty quick as well.


  • Price
  • Comes with car charger
  • No installation need, and no wire cutting in your car or drilling. You just attach it to the sun visor (or where ever you want) and turn it on
  • Works with ANY Bluetooth cell phone
  • Mating with your cell phone takes seconds
  • Good sound quality
  • Loud sound for incoming calls
  • You can put it just about anywhere in the car
  • Supports voice activated calls
  • Auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • You can take the speaker with you on every car


  • You need to turn it on each morning (well it’s only pushing a button, but it is eventually something you need to do )
  • Full volume can create an echo the caller hears. Solution is don’t put it in full volume, it’s loud enough even in mid-high volume.
  • When the cell and the speaker are mated, the speaker’s led light will flash periodically. In days light there is no problem, but at night, and assuming it’s attached to the sun visor in your line of sight , this blue flashing light can be a bit distracting or annoying for some. Solution for those who get bothered by this, is to just take the speaker off the  sun visor and put it aside.
  • Auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • On-Off button could be a bit bigger, it’s tiny…
  • The speaker’s main button flashes with different colors (blue, red, purple) and different pace depending on it’s mode (connected, low battery, full battery, etc) . It may be confusing at the beginning so you may want to refer to the legend supplied, to figure out what each color means. After a short while you understand what the speaker is saying to you…
  • default password is 0000 (zeros). How to change it? I have no idea, the manual supplied does not help. I assume you should do it with a mini USB and a software.

Bottom line – this is a good choice of a speaker phone, and I have a feeling Motorola have sold a lot of those. It’s pretty cheap, portable and ready to work in any car immediately.

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