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Biutiful (2010)

April 9th, 2011 · No Comments

This was one tough movie to watch. The story takes place in the dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona. The father , played by the excellent Javier Bardem (who also played the psychopath in Coen’s “Tough Country”) , is trying to make a living while take care of his children, trying to slalom between bribing the police, his bi polar semi crazy ex wife, and the illegal foreign workers who he sets jobs to, and feels obligated for.

The plot is very tensed and doesn’t give you a room to relax at all, very emotional, and that’s why I said its a hard movie to watch. As it’s not enough, the movie is 148 min long.
The photography and directing is good, the soundtrack is weird and excellent . Go watch, but bring an energy bar to eat at the end…


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