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Seven Pounds (2008) – movie review

January 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Will Smith as Ben Thomas, an IRS agent on a trail of spiritual redemption, and trying to outrun ghosts in his past- kind of rare theme in Hollywood.
The first thing you notice is Will Smith not looking as the smiley baby face Will Smith. He is older looking, sad, tiered, and defeated. His only will (…) in life, is to help and change the lives of seven people he does not even know. Main plot centers on one of them , a beautiful woman with a heart condition and short time to live. Flashbacks linger throughout the film and unfold the puzzle, that makes sense by the end.

Seven Pounds has ups and downs. The ups are for the playing and the idea and pace of the movie. It doesn’t have any boring moments. A few downs are for a few banal moments that reminds you , that this is still, a Hollywood product, and not in the good sense – I don’t know if that’s the overly acted scenes or just the script. Good thing is, the movie has both good and bad end, so, it is after all, unusual in this genre.

Overall this is a good movie, but beware- it can be quite depressing.

my rating:

Acting – 3.5/5
Plot – 4/5
Directing 3/5


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