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Mall Cop (2009) – movie review

January 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Kevin James is known as Doug Hefarnen, here plays Paul Blart (blart?!), a fat police officer-wannabe working at the mall. After his wife left him and his daughter, Paul is left with two dreams: turning into the best security guard (or officer as he says) and finding a true love. Both of them he finds after a stupid-genius high-tech gang is trying to rub the credit card central brain (?!).

As much as I like stupid comedies, this is far by the worst I have ever seen. It made me wonder why there is no quality assurance in cinema. Shouldn’t the government protect us from time wasting movies like that?

I mean don’t take me wrong, I loved police academy and etc comedies, but these are classic compared to Mall Cop. This movie is almost like a group of high school teens made it in their spare time. The acting is bad, the plot is…does not exist .Even the funny noises and faces Kevin James makes, can’t save it. Why did I go? Well, I gotta admit, they really did a good job with the movie poster, it is hilarious- a cop on a Segway, so as a naive believer, I really thought this would be a funny one  + remembering his role in the “King Of Queens” I said hey what the heck, lets give it a chance…

Bottom line, if you must see an idiotic comedy, try Yes Man or other. Mall Cop is a waste of time.
my rating:
Acting – 0/5
Plot – 0/5

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