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DIY – Build a homemade Guitar Hanger for wall

August 11th, 2010 · No Comments

If you decide you don’t want to buy a guitar hanger for a wall, here are simple steps to building one yourself.
There are lots of ready to use ones, which are good (I have one in my living room that holds the acoustic guitar), but this time I wanted to make one of my own for my studio.


  • A piece of rectangular plywood, about the size of 13 x 8 cm.
  • Two pieces of round wood, mostly used for broom handles, 13 cm in length, about 2 cm in diameter (could be 2.5-3 too).
  • Foam insulator or foam grips for a bicycle/scooter.


  • A drill.
  • A wood drill, the same diameter as the broom handle pieces, I used 2 cm (20 mm)..
  • A drill to make the wall holes.
  • 4 plastic masonry anchors.
  • 6 screws, about 7 cm in length.
  • 3 mm drill to make 4 little holes for the screw to go in the plywood.
  • A little Wood glue, I used Elmers.

Notes and reminders:

  • There are few kinds of wood drills, the simplest ones are best for this job, cause the drill has a sharp end, which makes a hole on the other side, before it cuts through all the wood, so as soon as you see a hole on the back, means you’re close.
  • Don’t make the 2 big holes all the way through – remember to leave at least 1/4 thickness of plywood in the back for the 2 round arms to rest on.
  • Plywood is necessary for the base cause it’s the strongest wood you can get for this hanger, it’s made of criss-cross plies of wood, and it won’t crack, even under strong pressure.

Cutting Diagram


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