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The Complete Home Decorator (Hardcover)

October 26th, 2009 · No Comments

The house is out biggest investment and the most time spent place for us. I am a big promoter and fan of do-it-yourself projects. Almost every room in my house has something that was built by me. In fact, I built the whole kitchen from raw thick pine wood.

The Complete Home Decorator (Hardcover) is less about building from scratch and more about how to transform your existing living space into a warm habitat, using simple methods and\or addons, that just like the wheel invention, look so simple you think “how did I not come up with this?”

The 512 page hardcover written by Stewart & Sally Walton, contains 200 difference projects and over a 1000 high quality photographs.



The book includes detailed instructions in a step-by-step format, accompanied by photographs, so you can easily upgrade every aspect of your indoor living space. It covers:

  • living and dining room
  • studies and hallways
  • bedrooms
  • novelty rooms
  • bathrooms
  • lamps and lighting
  • containers
  • templates

And the good part is that, besides the projects, it has hundreds of design ideas to just upgrade and decorate just about every part of your house:

  • walls
  • windows
  • lighting
  • floors
  • covers
  • embellishments
  • chairs
  • beds
  • pillows
  • trimmings
  • accessories

The keywords for all the projects and ideas are:

  • warm colors
  • calm atmosphere
  • friendly (but unique) design concepts

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to admire a stylish and beautiful home that you have created yourself – The Complete Home Decorator is full of simple, inexpensive design transformations, that anyone can achieve.

The Complete Home Decorator (Hardcover) on

The Complete Home Decorator (Hardcover)



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