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VirtualDub video editor tips

April 2nd, 2010 · 2 Comments

VirtualDub is a cool and free program for video editing. It is especially useful if you need to crop or remove certain frames or part of the clip, whether it’s in the beginning, middle or end.

The big advantage of this tool is that it enables you to save the edited movie in the same original format without rendering it again, thus loosing quality. If you want this option you should choose VIDEO > DIRECT STREAM COPY otherwise you will end up with a lesser quality video, and a gigantic file size…

Another nice trick is that it can join lots of clips very easily. But first you need to make sure all the clips you want to join together are named in a sequential order (e.g. me-1.avi, me-2.avi, me-3.avi, etc). Now open the first clip and from the menu choose FILE > APPEND AVI SEGMENT…

Choose the second video, and VirtualDub will automatically add all the clips.

VirtualDub can also CAPTURE VIDEO and it does it quite well. There are several options to choose from, with or without audio and video compression.

Missing h264 codec issue:

If you can not load AVI files you should install VFW (video for Windows) which you can download it from SourceForge

Install the .exe file and you’re all set.

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