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Starting a Youtube clip from a certain time point

May 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments

You can add #t=XmYs to the end of any youtube URL , replace the X to whatever minutes, and replace the Y to whatever seconds.

For ex., here’s a link to a particular 🙂 interesting part of a clip I made (after you see the example, see the whole clip, it’s an interesting one, about how to cut a glass bottle):

What is it good for?

  • Sending someone a link to a certain piece in a long clip, without him having to view the whole 10 minutes, which he probably won’t .
  • it can be a start of a scene or a punch line in an interview
  • an anecdote
  • or just about anything

You will probably use it once a year :P,  but at least now you know it’s possible!


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