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Flexi classic compact 3 – retractable 5 meter leash for large dogs

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

This is a review of the Flexi classic compact 3 – retractable 5 meter leash for large dogs, I’ve bought it for my labrador retriever dog Libi. It’s a good brand choice for those who need a quality leash, that won’t tangle and is easy and smooth to operate.

You can get the Flexi classic compact leash on AMAZON.COM

A Tip:

Does your dog pull on the leash while you walk him? You’ve probably tried pulling back, and other kinds of “tricks”, but the more you try , it seems the dog tries harder to pull. The solution is – use a short leash, let the dog walk beside you. Whenever the dog starts pulling, STOP WALKING. You’ll notice something interesting happoens that moment: the dog will probably look at you to see what’s going on. At that point, if the dog is ahead of you, pull him a bit backward and continue walking. You’ll be amazed how good it works.

Sooner than later the dog learns a valuable lesson – if you pull, you are not going anywhere!

Some people suggest walking the other way, the moment your dog is pulling. But I think you should teach your dog to behave in normal and  ordinary  situations. In everyday life, you just don’t walk back and forth. It’s not fun, you get  dizzy, the dog might think it’s some kind of a game (mine did, got her excited instead of the opposite) .  I think this method is not too good, if any.

It took me about 15 minutes to see first results with my 3.5 months Labrador, and by the next day her behavior changed completely. it was like walking a different dog.

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