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Convert VHS/VHS-C cassette tapes to digital media

January 24th, 2010 · No Comments

If you got some memories on VHS or VHS-C tapes, you may well want to convert them to digital media -  video files of some type, from AVI,MPEG, or DVD.

You may want to do that for a few reasons:

  • most importantly VHS tapes loose quality as time goes by. They are vulnerable to heat, humidity, dust and electromagnetic fields.
  • these cassettes are bulky, take forever to rewind/forward, and quite frankly knew better times
  • backup the good old days on digital media

So what you need to have in order to convert these tape cassettes is:

  • If you have a VHS-C cassette tapes to convert (see picture above) , you’ll need an adapter – click here to get it (choose the best deal you see). If you just want to convert the bigger VHS tapes, you’ll only need the EasyCap USB.
  • the USB adapter – click here to get it (choose the best deal you see)
  • free space on your computer hard drive

The EasyCap comes with an installation and application software. If you don’t have the software for some reason, you can download it here.

Installing and Converting:

  • Install EasyCap software
  • connect EasyCap USB to computer
  • connect the EasyCap connectors to video OUTs (audio out left, audio out right and video out)
  • open the capture software. configure quality but you can just as well stay with the default configuration.
  • play VHS and start recording simultaneously. You can record a very long clip and then edit it in a video editor (Windows Movie maker should be enough, and it’s free), OR, record short clips or just whatever you want to save.


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