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Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer review

March 23rd, 2010 · 1 Comment

I reviewed the Cuisinart SM-55 which is a popular mixer. Is he good? Look at the video and decide. I didn’t really fall for this mixer for the following reasons:

  • It’s considerably noisier than the KitchenAid HD (that I reviewed here)
  • Although on paper has 800w , doesn’t feel like a 800w
  • Built is not rigid as you expect a stand mixer to be
  • not too stable when kneading doughs
  • To turn on, you must turn speed dial and push the on/off button as well
  • I didn’t like the design of the Wire whip, flat beater and the spiral dough hook, which are made from 3 pieces as opposed to one aluminum piece in the KitchenAid HD


  • The stopwatch is nice. You can set the exact time for kneading (but on the other hand, kneading is a multistage process, you often stop to feel the dough, correct amounts, etc, so in this case it’s useless…)

I guess it would be an option if it would cost considerably less than the KitchenAid HD, but it is approx the same price range. In this case the KitchenAid HD is a better deal.

Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer – Compare prices

Speed and Stop are two separate buttons. there is a stopwatch for controlling kneading time. you can set the time, and the mixer will stop automatically.

Top opens for attachments

Bottom of the bowl is open, thus not easy to clean

You can see a comparison chart of the various and most popular stand mixers here:


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