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KYOCERA ceramic kitchen knife

November 15th, 2011 · No Comments

Ceramic knives are a good alternative to premium priced knives. These knives are made of extremely hard ceramic material , and their main advantages are being:

  1. 100% rust proof
  2. Long lasting sharpness – with regular use can stay sharp for a few years and more.
    If it does need sharpening, most of the manufacturers will sharpen it for free.
    If you want to sharpen it yourself, you can purchase a ceramic knife sharpener.
  3. Very light weight

Ceramic knives can come in various colors, off white, black, etc.

Just to be fair, the disadvantages of this knife is it being fragile compared to steel. If you drop it on a ceramic floor the tip can break. I don’t know how easy, but its a possibility. In every day use, its very durable.

Kyocera ceramic knife

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The model I have is a 4.5 inch blade. I would suggest you buy a at least a 5 inch one, and up to 6 inch, 5-6 inch blade, will be perfect for almost any job, vegetables, fruits and even meat.


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