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Carter Hotel review – Manhattan, New York

November 12th, 2008 · No Comments

This budget hotel is located in the mid west side of Manhattan (on 250 West 43rd Street), A minute walk from times square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
I needed to find a hotel for a few days in Manhattan. In my previous visits to Manhattan I stayed at two budget hotels:
The West End Studios located at the 850 West End Av. (upper west), and the MANHATTAN BROADWAY (273 West, 38TH St.) located near the times square.

I didn’t want to stay at neither one of these. The first, the West End, did not offer a private bath and the second, Manhattan Broadway, I hoped to find something better.

So, I compared prices and found the Carter Hotel, who was the cheapest hotel available (with a private bath in the room). I booked 4 nights and paid a total of 567$. Not cheap in general, but it is cheap for a Manhattan hotel.
To be honest, I read a few reviews. Most did not recommend the hotel.
The room I got (19th floor) is a bit better looking than the two hotel rooms I’ve mentioned earlier, and bigger. The sheets looked clean, and the mattress is ok. there is an old desk, but no chair. TV too (I turned it on, saw it works, tuned it off) There is a telephone but I didn’t use it (don’t know if it works either…)  I wouldn’t eat from the carpet but for walking it’s ok.

Third night I was in bed watching TV, when I suddenly saw something moving below the TV. It was a mouse. He came in through a little hole in the wall, and disappeared in a second when he saw me.
I went down to check-in and asked to replace the room.

bottom line, if you have 250-300$ a night to spend, you will probably be able to find a better hotel. But, if your budget is 150$ maximum, you don’t have a lot of choices, besides hoping for the best…


  • cheap
  • 2 minute walk from Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • 2 minute walk from Times Square


  • Cheap
  • not so quiet area
  • weird noises from the central heating pipes
  • no heater (reception said there’s a central heating system…)
  • area kind of sleazy at night
  • you could have an unexpected visit by a mouse

This review is based on the 4 nights I spent in the hotel in the month of NOV 08.


9 march 2010
I’ve written another review with another accommodation option for NYC
Click here to read it.


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