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Vocals Microphone – Shure SM58 review

June 16th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Sales wise, the Shure SM58 is probably the Toyota Corrola of professional microphones… It’s one of the best selling microphone in the USA, maybe even in the world.

The SM58 is best suited for recording vocals (lead or backup), but you can record just about anything, like piano or drum, while the popshield is removable for the later. The SM58 gives a clean sound, and it can be used for rock or other genres. It gives good value for the buck in it’s price category.

It’s a dynamic microphone (meaning its not a condenser microphone, that must have 48+volts phantom power for it to work). The SM58 can just be plugged into a mixer or directly to the computer sound card.
I didn’t test it’s durability (I have just one SM58..) but it does look durable. It’s heavy, and the body is made entirely from metal.

Bottom line – It’s not the best microphone money can buy, But if you want to start recording and singing and get professional results without spending a lot of money, the SM58 is versatile, and can do it all GOOD.

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  • Stephen

    I have watched an SM58 take a header, pop screen first, off of a stage onto the concrete floor below. It was picked up, plugged in and worked perfectly, albeit a bit flattened.

  • Ilan

    Yes, you can literally use it as a hammer :P, and then sing with it, would probably still work

    Im pretty satisfied with it, once you learn to master the EQ with it, you can have good results.

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